“Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.”


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“My name’s Rianna Scipio, I’m the founder of the Award-Nominated online coaching program, THE TIGHT RELATIONSHIP FORMULA. I’m also an International Relationship and Authenticity Consultant, International Speaker, TV Presenter and Creator/Host of the new podcast (coming soon) ‘The Hardest “No”‘.

My work (and this site) is devoted to sharing tools, ideas, and resources to help you master the art of enjoying tight relationships with others, by keeping the focus on yourself.

I definitely don’t know everything, but I do know a few undeniable things. The most undeniable is that if you don’t have a tight (safe and authentic) relationship with yourself… you can fall for anyone and anything.

And I can easily prove my point.

I had an unstable, unsafe and unhappy early life. So I made up my mind to make it. I believed that if I was “someone” people would love me and I’d finally feel comfortable and at ease. I thought when I got “there” I would fit in, that the hungry, searching feeling inside, would suddenly disappear.

And I did. Defying all the odds this un-parented child of unskilled, immigrant workers became a history-maker as Britain’s 1st Black Weather Presenter and Host on some of the UK’s most popular television shows. 

With a ton of celebrity friends, champagne on tap, a beautiful home with a shiny car parked outside, a bank manager on speed-dial, a wardrobe full of designer clothes, a sideboard full of awards – and the big respect of my community – you’d think I’d be bursting with happiness, right?


When the lights went out and the cameras turned off the question was still am I worth all of this?

Imagine Transformational Healing Centre for Women that I proudly founded in Los Angeles, California…

A few LOVE NOTE’S from Imagine…

I needed to validate the broken parts and pieces that still lay unacknowledged and untended under the celebrity veneer. But being exceptional is lonely. After a few drama-filled relationships (still trying to fill the void), I left Britain for America, where through my healing journey I stumbled on my calling and my joy – helping people form tight relationships through deep authenticity.

For 6 years I trained and collaborated with some of the worlds’ most prominent clinicians and spiritual teachers in Southern California. But instead of helping people to have the handful of tight relationships that we all live for, even my professional peers were out of balance in their lives and relationships, pushing their emotions away, while working overtime to “mind-read” the emotions of others.

For all of the expert information out there, knowing the right thing to do in life and relationships was still so messy and complicated. Only after I “zoomed out” and created a complete “A-Z” strategy that covers every step required to have tight relationships with others, by keeping the focus on yourself, did I get results.

And the results were crazy…

• 2012 I opened up my Private Consultancy Practice in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

• 2014 I founded Imagine of Los Angeles, an 8-bedroom Centre for Transformation for high-profile women in Brentwood, Los Angeles

• 2016 I launched the Award-Nominated Online Signature Coaching Program THE TIGHT RELATIONSHIP FORMULA

• 2022 – To date I’ve successfully coached hundreds of women and men worldwide to have tight and satisfying relationships in just 60 days without settling for less or losing themselves!

THE TIGHT RELATIONSHIP FORMULA is now transforming people all around the world and delivering the same measurable results for everyone who follows the process!

Why? Because this isn’t a fluffy program with no substance…this is a powerful and proven product that is radically changing lives and relationships within just 9 weeks.

Love doesn’t sit there passively. Love creates its own momentum.

If you want to get real with your money, your health, your relationships, your career, and live a whole life that reflects your deep commitment to your authenticity, I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. The simple honesty of people sharing how it hurts is the first step on the journey to tight relationships with others by keeping the focus on yourself. And so I’d love to learn more about you.

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With my unique and proven roadmap through awareness, acceptance to the mountaintop of human conditions -authenticity – you’ll be surprised at how quickly your life and relationships align and absolutely nothing that’s meant for you gets left on the table.

I’m so honoured that you’re here.

With no ordinary love,


 “You don’t have to be ready you just have to start.”




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