My UK TV credits span from mainstream to specialist programing

Here are some of the programs I’ve presented or reported on:

Watchdog (BBC1)

Holiday (BBC1)

UK’s Worst…? (3 x 8-part series) (BBC1)

Newsroom Southeast (BBC1)

Black Britain  (2 x 8-part series) (BBC2)

Black on Europe (BBC1)

LWT Weather (Britain’s 1st Black Weather Presenter)

Wide World (Channel 5)

I’ve also narrated numerous documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and The Open University.


What They’re Saying

Rianna connects with people very naturally and that accessibility is really important. She makes it fun too.

Nicola Moody/Director of Factual Programs, Optomen 

I love working with Rianna. She has a special way of seeing the inside of things and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. She makes for unique, compelling and thoughtful TV.

Pat Younge/CEP Cardiff Productions

Rianna has a rare magnitude for seeing the inside of things. She is thought-provoking and unafraid to challenge the way we think and see.

Maxine Watson

For TV & Media enquiries

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