Whether I’m speaking live on stage, on social media, or on TV my innovative approach engages audiences of any size with live “experiential learning” exercises. I believe people need to go through experiences to retain and apply knowledge. My sessions are created with immersion in mind, and with the audience at the centre.

My audiences include small businesses and global corporations.

Subjects include:


The Art And Science Of Building TIGHT Relationships Infused With Trust. Integrity. Growth. Honour. & Togetherness.

Why Authenticity Is Your Superpower (And How To Be Just That)

How To Make Anyone Fall In Love With You In Minutes

How To Speak So People Never Forget You

Why Everything In Your Life Is A 3D Reflection Of How You Feel About Yourself (And How To Love Yourself)

Dismantling The Ladder Within: Our New System That’s Transforming Imposter-Syndrome In The Workplace

My Personal Story: From People-Pleasing To Pleasure-Seeking

Complete Overview To My Step-By-Step Signature Coaching Program the TIGHT Relationship Formula

I’m happy to tailor my talk to your needs. Just get in touch.


Rianna is a powerful new generation orator, with a deep-rooted commitment to accountability that paradoxically underlies her call for you to see what freedom looks like.

Rev. Jesse Jackson

Having seen Rianna’s ability to move people with her compelling storytelling and calls to action I can honestly say she possesses a rare gift.

Maxine Watson/Executive Producer

Rianna seamlessly stakes her claim as one of the most outstanding speakers I’ve ever worked with. She delivers in a way you never forget.

Michelle Matherson/BBC Diversity




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