The Bespoke Individual Program

Rianna Scipio is a TIGHT Relationship and Authenticity Specialist sought after by CEO’s, Thought Leaders,
A-List Celebrities and Entrepreneurs.

It’s highly likely that you are here because you are struggling with some aspect of your relationship and life and nothing you’ve tried works. You may have even tried many forms of professional help and discovered that hasn’t worked either.

Rianna has spent the past 10+ years developing a highly popular process of helping professional women around the world to build and sustain lives and relationships they love, through a deep commitment to authenticity. 

Rianna is looking for women who have achieved professional success, but whose lives and relationships feel very wrong – and who are passionate to discover what massive changes are possible with the right tools and some small shifts and resets.

The goal we are looking to achieve is this:

I need to be able to trust myself to be true to myself in the life I have chosen.

  Who is this for?

  • How to dissolve fear of losing yourself, or settling for less in a romantic or work relationship
  • How to choose the right life-partner
  • How to recover, reset and re-ignite passion after being emotionally burned
  • How to choose the right work-partner
  • How to stop screwing yourself over
  • How to live a fully engaged and self-expressed life

The challenge most people face is they keep approaching their problems in the same way.

  • The person may be stuck due to outdated historic patterns
  • The person may be stuck due to hard-wired trauma responses
  • They may be stuck due to resentments
  • They may be stuck due to anxiety
  • They may have a lack of self-knowledge
  • They may have disempowering beliefs

The key is to help those that are stuck understand how they can take charge of their thinking in a way that frees them to become more of who they really are. 

Essentially each process is unique and tailored to every client to systematically build and sustain TIGHT bonds, through a radical commitment to personal authenticity.

This is not a “magic pill service”. Building a life and relationship you love requires courage and commitment to acknowledge some painful truths, disrupt some negative patterns and habits of a lifetime, and replace them with ones that support your clear goal, whether you’ve recently gone through a tough breakup, or have been single for years, or are in a relationship you aren’t sure about. And my formula works just as well in a work scenario too… remember not all people are designed to be together so discovery is critical.

This is an exciting process for women as they see new hope in the fact that unhelpful behavioural patterns are the cause of their unhappy life and relationship dynamics, which can be corrected with the right strategy.

Before anyone starts work with Rianna she will take them through an onboarding process, this starts with a free 30-minute call.

Step 1 – Free 30-minute call

Rianna does NOT charge for this first meeting because she doesn’t feel it’s fair to charge the client until she is convinced, she can help them.

To help her clients she needs to understand if the individual is coachable and are committed to doing what’s necessary to gain the results they are after.

With so many people wanting her help and only 3/4 new openings each month she is looking to work with motivated women who are passionate to gain answers.

So, to start the process Rianna offers a free 30-minute discovery call to establish if she feels she can help.

If Rianna feels the fit is right, she will offer a no-obligation one-hour initial consultation.

Step 2 – Initial consultation – One hour

The initial consultation is designed for Rianna to share insights into the real problems behind the problems being presented.

Without knowing most people are blind to the real issues and try to fix the wrong problems which only makes matters worse.

Once the person has a grasp of the real issues Rianna will talk them through the steps they will need to take to get them out of this uncomfortable place.

The person can ask all relevant questions about the program Rianna proposes to build for them in the meeting.

This helps them understand how and why it works.

If Rianna feels she can still help and the individual agrees they will then be offered a program.

Step 3 – The Bespoke Individual Program

The Bespoke Individual Program is a strategic process that’s tailor-made for each person to show them the process and unique perspective that will lead them to understand what they can achieve.

Rianna will provide each person with the relevant tools and understanding so they can master their own choices and responses, so no matter what happens they will learn how to navigate modern relationships complete confidence that they’ll  never fall apart, or lose themselves again, and so can trust themselves to be true to themselves in the life they have chosen.

Rianna will also help individuals with mega strategies that are designed to break lifelong unhelpful patterns.

Each person is not the same so the content and the duration of their program will be different.

Rianna will discuss this in your initial consultation.

If you have had enough of going around in circles and you want answers, start the process now by applying for your free 30-minute call.

Individual Application

Sessions are currently held over Zoom



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