Rianna Scipio is the Leading Authenticity Expert sought after by CEOs, Thought Leaders, A-list celebrities and Entrepreneurs.

Welcome. You are here because there is some aspect of your life that you’re struggling with — and nothing you’ve tried works. You may have even tried many forms of professional help and discovered that hasn’t worked either.

For over a decade, Rianna has been helping high-profile and high-performing individuals and companies worldwide to build and sustain great wealth, legacy, relationships and freedom they love through a commitment to authenticity. 

The goal we are looking to achieve is this:


I need to be able to trust myself to be true to myself in the life I have chosen.

Who is this for?

🥇 As an International CEO, Executive and Celebrity Authenticity Consultant, I help clients get exponential results in three main problem areas:

 💡1. Affluent and privileged individuals who desire to be valued for who they are rather than for their status or what they possess. As a former UK TV celebrity myself, I have a unique perspective and proven solutions for problems that other consultants and coaches don’t have, such as:

• Social isolation

• Lack self-worth

• Addiction to perfection

• Trouble forming genuine friendships

• Lack of personal identity

• Lack of meaning and purpose

• Imposter syndrome

💡2. Artists, celebrities, writers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs who want to build authentic businesses they love and effortlessly attract loyal customers through transparency and trust. The best story wins, so although my team and I provide complete entrepreneurial support from inception to launch, as a former BBC journalist and authentic storyteller, the unique value I add — that other consultants cannot — is I help my clients quickly:

• Tap into their internal motivation

• Develop their brand personality

• Identify their tone of voice

• Craft their origin/brand story

• Build their brand collateral

• Maintain consistency

• Dominate the market!

💡3. Anyone who wants to learn how to ‘Speak So People Never Forget’ them and use this secret superpower to unlock the doors to success!  I used this hidden advantage to beat all the odds of race, gender, poverty (you name it) and go from working-class with few prospects to prime-time broadcaster on some of Britain’s most popular television shows and building an international multi-million dollar business I love.

The challenge most people face is they keep approaching their problems the same way, expecting different results.

The person may be stuck due to outdated historical patterns
The person may be stuck due to hard-wired trauma responses
They may be stuck due to resentments
They may be stuck due to anxiety
They may have a lack of self-knowledge
They may have disempowering beliefs

The key is to help people understand how they can take charge of their thinking and actions in a way that frees them to become more of themselves. 

Essentially, each process is unique and tailored to the individual client to build a whole life they love through a radical commitment to authenticity.

This is not a “magic pill service”. Building an authentic life you love requires courage and commitment to acknowledge some painful truths, disrupt some negative patterns and habits of a lifetime, and replace them with ones that support and fuel your vision. 

Before anyone works with me, a member of my executive team will take you through an assessment process, which starts with a complimentary 30-minute call.


    Step 1 – Complimentary 30-minute call

    If the initial application is successful, Rianna or a member of her executive team will offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery call to establish if she can help.  Rianna does NOT charge for this first meeting.

    The aim is to assess if the individual is coachable and committed to gaining the results they want.

    With so many people wanting Rianna’s help and only 3-4 new openings each month, Rianna will only work with highly motivated individuals passionate about getting results.

    If Rianna feels the fit is right, she will offer a paid, initial, no-obligation 50-minute consultation.

    Step 2 – Initial consultation – 50-Minutes

    The initial consultation is designed for Rianna to share her first insights on the issues behind the problems presented.

    Without knowing it, most people are blind to the real issues and try to fix the wrong problems, which only makes matters worse.

    Once the individual has clarity on the issues, Rianna will talk them through the steps needed to get from where they are to where they want to be.

    The client can ask all relevant questions about the program Rianna proposes to build for them in the meeting.

    This helps them understand how and why it works.

    If Rianna feels she can still help and the individual agrees, they will be offered a concierge consultancy package.

    Step 3 – The One-To-One Consultancy Package

    One-to-one consultancy is a strategic approach tailor-made for each person with a unique perspective and specific blueprint that leads them quickly to surpass what they believe they can achieve.

    Rianna provides the tools, the process and support, so no matter what, her clients know how to navigate the life they love with complete confidence.

    Rianna also helps her clients with micro-strategies to break lifelong unhelpful patterns.

    Each individual is different, so the content and duration of each program will be unique.

    Rianna will discuss this in the initial consultation.

    If you are ready to be the architect of a whole life you love, take the first step and apply for your free 30-minute call today.

    Individual Application

    Sessions are currently held over Zoom.



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