How To Start Loving Yourself (In 7 Easy Steps)

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How To Start Loving Yourself (In 7 Easy Steps)

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hi I’m Rihanna Scipio radical self-love coach I’m a former BBC journalist and also the former founder of imagined transformational living in Brentwood Los Angeles brick-and-mortar business where women from all over the world came to heal and recover bring themselves into alignment with a true divine self and now I get to do that one-to-one and I’ve worked with women like the daughter of a very famous senator and also a spy would you believe it I didn’t actually believe it was true until it dropped it was true so before we get to the meat and potatoes here I want to invite you to click the download button below for my free guide the quick start to radical self-love it’s a taster of my course my online course heal your hungry heart and also hit the subscribe let’s get straight into seven fantastic tips and by the end of it you’ll have a firm footing on starting to love yourself it’s a very very simple thing that is so difficult to do so here we go step number one is prioritize sleep sleep is love sleep is a nourishment while you rest your cells are replenishing your soul is replenishing you’re starting to filter through on a subconscious level in fact Adriana Huffington wrote a book how she slept her way to success such as the importance of sleep so make sure you put that as number one and prioritize your sleep step number two of how to love yourself very basic thing that you can put into practice today is do some form of exercise now if you haven’t exercised for a long time this might sound to you like climbing up Mount Everest and that’s not the intention just do something small ten minutes of walking up the stairs instead of taking the lift or walking around the block some deliberate exercise that heightens your heart rate because this is a holistic deal everything connects our consciousness our body self thought process all of these elements connect to make the one whole so exercise getting our body moving is a really really important crucial step in starting to love yourself make sure you put that on your agenda every day step number three is meditation but we live in a world full of distraction whether it’s our cell phone or the television or just our general busyness so try to start small but commit to a minute a day in silence and even if your mind’s going crazy which it probably will do at first it’s the intention that is everything we’re talking about now our divine communion a connection with your essential true self which is your spiritual self and so the intention goes a long way even if you feel that you haven’t really stilled your mind even if you’re thinking about doing the shopping or what’s happening tomorrow or why your boyfriend or why your boob hasn’t protected in the last 10 minutes just set that intention set your clock make sure it’s at least 60 seconds of stillness every day step for gratitude now I cannot tell you that I do gratitude lists I just don’t I would like to tell you that I do but I don’t I’ve never done that but what I do do when it comes to expressing gratitude is to bring consciousness to and whatever I’m doing a few times a day and that might mean I’m driving along with my car and I say thank you thank you God for my health thank you for this sunlight thank you that you know my children are safe and well but I always bring some kind of gratitude and that might be something more formal for you is a gratitude list and we can go into that a little bit later on cuz I know a lot of people find gratitude lists very useful step number five I was walking down the road the other day and somebody came up to me and said you’re a vegan and I said how’d you know and they said it’s just your energy you have a really pure energy and it really does lift your energy you start to become far more intuitive far more finely tuned far more perceptive far more in touch with yourself taken in the toxins and the fear and the trauma and the journey and the ill intent that has brought delivered your food to your plate so that I digressed a little bit there but the one thing I want you to take away with this step is to fill yourself with nutrient-dense food it is a radical act ourselves yeah number six there this is my favorite one set boundaries it’s a really difficult one if you have never set a boundary before if you feel like you’re a bit of an emotional doormat or a slave to your job this is the place you should be and this is the place you should start what do we mean when we say set boundaries so perhaps you could make a note offer three different wishes that you have for the way that you show up in the world and the way that you want others to treat you I give you an example how to set a boundary with somebody who are really really a door just this week on Sunday actually and because he was speaking to me in a way that’s not acceptable to me today and I speak to people kindly and I speak to people with love and that’s not what I felt that I was getting so I set a very very firm boundary I’m not saying that it’s easy it’s not easy especially to begin don’t be harsh on yourself if you blow a boundary and also make sure that you watch out for your emotional hangover afterwards because when you set a boundary and you keep it it always feels strange doing something new but this is where you are building the emotional muscle this is where you are literally changing the way that you show up in the world the way the world relates to you so it’s a really really important one maybe you could pop a comment in the box below I’d love to hear from you about any boundaries that you might have set and how is making sure that you’d stick to them and laughs on the list this is tip number seven play play play plays such a wonderful thing you know the way that looks like for me is every day in the middle of the day at least once a day I come into the living and I move away from my desk and I turn the music up really loud and I rock out in my living room like rock out really hard it’s a celebration it’s a celebration that we’re here and it’s also an act of confidence of the Bliss that is to come the beauty that is to come once we put ourselves in alignment with all that is good that is to come it’s a guarantee that it comes and that’s what I want to share with you so make sure that you put fun and play and also the other thing about play is some of my most inspired ideas of come when I’m not sitting there with a pen and paper gritting my teeth and getting really tense trying to find out the answer to a problem sometimes my most inspired moments come when I am just plain when I’m just free-forming and free-flowing so put that onto your agenda every day but don’t approach it like you’re in the army approach it like for what it is it’s just plain it really is just a wonderful time just to be fun not to be so serious and it’s also the foundation of great confidence because everybody loves somebody who’s playful who doesn’t take themselves too seriously who’s willing to take a risk so make sure you put that on your agenda Mitch these are the seven steps of how to start loving yourself put these interactions straightaway they’re very simple and easy to do don’t make them too much of a big deal so that you don’t want to start them and you’ll see the results perhaps you can put some of the results that you feel from these steps in the comments below I’d love to hear from you and I promise you I’ll answer every comment as well so just to recap before we finish step number one prioritize sleep step number two exercise step number three meditation step number four is gratitude step number five eat a nutrient-dense meal six set boundaries and step number seven is play a little bit we did it thank you so much for joining me and don’t forget to download my free ebook the Quick Start Guide to radical self-love and press subscribe on the sprite but from the scribe on the subscribe button here and I see you here next week till then with no ordinary love it is over now


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